Making Group Travel Easy...

Your group needs to do a lot to make sure that everything works!

Making Group Travel Easy is Complex

Your group needs to do a lot to make sure that everything works!

When groups of people organise themselves, they use lots of different tools: phone calls, messaging, sitting in the pub or a meeting. They need to keep track of everything whether it is important or trivial. Sometimes they need to keep it private and sometimes they need to share with everybody. Frequently, they need to sell the ideas into the group as well so that people don't drop out.

Build Your Group & Track RSVPs

Step 1 is always getting people to subscribe to your event however small or large it is. Even if it is just a night out, you can find out who is in and out!

Get Others involved in the Decision Making

You can set up polls to share with your group so everybody agrees on when, where, how much and what you are going to do. In our experience everybody falls in with the majority view.

Finding Things to Do

With 5000+ things to do and places in stay, we have something for everyone. You won't have to trawl through all of them since you can filter for location, party type or just use our inspirational tags - want to look good to your mates? We got you covered.

Check Availability and Hold

Plans have a habit of changing which is why we try to be as flexible as possible for you. We don't make you book everything straight away, you can hold things until all your plans are in place and then we do all the grunt work managing bookings and the details

Getting Help

The system supports lots of ways to contact us or the originating supplier. You can message or phone to ask about vegan food or wheel chair access of whatever.

The Devil is in the Detail

Many of our activities come with little extras that you can book at the same time or afterwards.

Managing Payments

You don't have to put it all on one credit card. You can share payments across the groups and our system will keep track of them and prompt the late payers.

Build & Store the Whole Itinerary

Your whole itinerary is stored and shared together with contact details and directions. You can add extra things to do to the calendar and keep track of things through a to do list

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